Wahl Metal Clipper | WA8509-012

$329.95 $369


The highly anticipated Metal Magic Clip has finally landed! With all-metal housing and a stylish look, this is a must-have in your clipper lineup!

Key Features

  • Lithium Ion Battery: Highly efficient and durable Lithium-Ion battery without memory effect and 90 minutes run time off a full charge
  • Motor: Rotary motor of 5,500rpm has fast cutting speed
    s and provides you with one powerful, durable clipper. The taper lever allows you to easily adjust between 0.8-2.5mm on the bare blade!
  • Stagger-Tooth Blade: This unique blade can be zero-overlapped and provides 2 cutting paths for the hair to feed through, literally cutting the hair at 2 different lengths for seamless blending!
  • The Magic Clip is known for it's extreme versatility in creating cuts. It is great for fading, tapering, creating texture, blending, bulk removal and precision cutting.

Comes with 3 premium combs - #1/2, #1, # 11/2.

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