NFuzion Professional Haircare

NFuzion Professional Thermal Protector Spray 250ml

$15.20 $18.95

What it is: Thermal Protector Spray is a Versatile lightweight spray that strengthens conditions and shields hair against heat damage from using thermal styling tools.


Intensive Conditioning Agents: Improves the hair elasticity, so newly created hairstyles last longer and hair still feels natural and soft.

Patented Thermal & UV Shield Complex: Protects hair against 200 degree C+ heat. Eliminates static, protects cuticle from moisture Loss and colour fade.

Soy Bean & Herbal Extracts: Strengthens, conditions and repair the hair shaft against chemical and environmental damage.

Hydrolysed Wheat Protein: Strengthens hair and enhances hair condition and shine.

Panthenol: Helps lock moisture into the hair shaft.

Resin & Oil Free Formula: The spray doesn’t weigh the hair down or leave residue on the hair.

Easy to Use & Apply: Delivers a straight smooth look, or perfect curls with movable control.

Silky Smooth Result: Hair has movable control, locks in a high sheen finish, locks out humidity with long lasting results.

Versatile Product: Can be used on damp or dry hair before Blow-drying, or sprayed lightly onto dry hair sections prior to using hot irons, hot tongs or any other heated appliances.

How It Is Used: Damp Hair: Section hair and spray evenly onto section, blow-dry into hair using a round brush for a sleek smooth finish. Repeat on each section until style is complete. Dry Hair: Section hair, spray evenly onto section of dry hair, immediately straighten with a hot iron. Repeat process on each section of hair until style is complete.

Hair Textures: All hair textures.

Who Should Use it:

  • customers who want to protect and improve the condition of their hair while using thermal styling tools.
  • customers looking for a versatile ‘no feel’ product to protect their hair that can be used on either damp or dry hair when using thermal styling tools.
  • customers who have hair that is in poor condition, who want to continue to use heat styling tools on their hair.

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