Bondi Boost

Rapid Repair Shampoo 300ml


If you've hit the limit on the length of your hair and have noticed more breakage and split-ends than usual, you need this transformative shampoo. It's formulated with an innovative technology to rapidly repair damaged hair, seal the cuticles and banish split ends by up to 60%*, helping you reach the best length possible while delivering improved softness and shine.


Delivers rapid results to dry damaged hair, reducing further breakage, sealing the hair cuticle and repairing split-ends.

-    Repairs split-ends up to 60% from first use
-    Delivers improved softness & shine.
-    No stickiness, no flakes, no silicones or build-up.
-    Hair end diameter appears thicker, visibly fuller and healthier.
-    The hair shaft is noticeably smoother; cuticles are partially repaired.

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