NFuzion Smoothing Shine Serum 60ml

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A staff favourite!!

This Smoothing Shine Serum is a conditioning and shining serum, which will add shine, smooth hair, flatten and control flyaway frizzy dry hair. Conditions and seals the cuticle promoting intensive shine. Can also be used to calm flyaway hairs and impart shine after blow waving on all hair types.

Versatile Mixing Tool: Adds additional shine to styling products, smooth and locks in moisture when added to treatment or condition products when used on medium to coarse frizzy hair.

Conditioning Serum: Smooths and controls frizzy hair textures, and adds instant gloss and shine.

Protects Hair & Split End Sealer: Protects and seals the cuticle & split ends and reduces frizz.

Finishing Tool: To smooth flyaway after blow waving, or using straightening irons.

How It Is Used: Add 2-3 drops to the palm and smooth over hair to finish style. Add a few drops to treatment or styling product for added condition & shine. Always use a small amount first as you can easily overuse the serum.

How Often Is It Used: When Needed. Hair Textures: Frizzy, curly hair textures, all hair textures that are med-long in length.

Hair Styles: Styling: Add as a mixing tool to styling product for shine, or apply to damp hair before blow waving to smooth and control frizz. Finishing - Adds shine and gloss and smooths flyaway hair after blow-waving, or using straightening irons.

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Beautiful product

This oil is so lovely, it's light, it smells great and it does exactly what it says. I put a drop or 2 in what ever styling cream or lotion I'm using and use another pump after drying to smooth out any flyaway. I love it!

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