NFuzion Professional Replenish Moisturising Conditioner 375ml

$14.92 $18.95

Strengthens & hydrates damaged hair. Adheres & fills damaged sections with protein and moisture & smooths cuticle and detangles hair easily. 

Protection Formula: Protects against heat styling, elements & colour fade. 

PH5.5: PH balanced formula that returns hair to maximum strength. 

How It Is Used: Apply Shampoo to wet hair and massage gently with fingertips, rinse thoroughly & repeat if desired. Apply Conditioner mid length to ends, comb through gently and leave 1-5 minutes then rinse out. 

How Often Is It Used: Daily or as desired. 

Hair Types: Chemically damaged porous dry hair, naturally dry coarse hair, permed and coloured hair, long hair prone to splitting and tangling. 

Hair Textures: Fine to medium damaged hair. Coarse dry hair. 

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