NFuzion Professional Hair Shaper 100gm

$14.92 $19.15

Modern Moulding Cream with a Semi Matt Finish.

Hold Factor: 3

Medium Strength Moulding With a Matt Finish: Will style and control hair with a lived in look and feel.

Multi Purpose Styling Tool: Use to style, texturise, piece out and scrunch hair.

Humidity Resistant & Water Soluble: Shampoos out easily and style will be maintained in humid weather conditions.

How It Is Used: Dry Hair: Add a few drops of water, emulsify, and work through hair. Damp Hair: Emulsify and work through hair. Add a few drops of Serum for shine & gloss.

How Often Is It Used: As Required.

Hair Textures: All hair types, great for the lived in look on fine hair.

Hair Styles: Great unisex product to use to style short choppy looks, piece out and texturise hair & use to smooth frizzy hair after blow waving. Use to define and control curl on short to medium length hair.

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