Immortal NYC

Immortal Beard Care Pack - Shampoo, Oil, Styling Cream


NATURAL BEARD SHAMPOO: Organic Argan Seed Oil and Organic Aloe Leaf for healthy beard growth. Our beard wash shampoo alleviates itching, breakouts, and reduces dandruff.

BEARD GROWTH SERUM/OIL: Formulated with quality Vitamin E to nourish your beard for a full, lavish look. This beard grooming oil will deeply condition your beard for an irresistible feel.

NATURAL BEARD LOTION/STYLING CREAM: Gives you flexible hold and great shine while still looking natural. A beard grower that promotes a thick, healthy beard and makes styling easier, it also reduces itchiness and dryness. Thanks to our plant based formula, our beard thickener does not cause an oily look!

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