Immortal NYC

Aventus Hair Wax 150ml

$23.95 $24.95

Ulta Shine / Strong Hold

ALL NATURAL: Made from all-natural ingredients and completely free of alcohol, sulfates, ammonias, formaldehydes, silicone, parabens, and sodium chloride so you don’t have to worry about your hair being damaged from harsh ingredients.

NO GREASE. WASH OUT EASILY: Unlike oil based hair waxes that can be difficult to wash out and damage your hair, our premium water-based wax can be easily washed out with water and won’t strip away your hair’s natural oils or leave a sticky residue!

STRONG FIRM HOLD: This moisturizing hair wax features a firm hold and a semi-shine finish. Create dapper looking styles with its incredible definition and texture that fits for men and kids!

BENEFITS: This super concentrated, low-maintenance formula works on any hair type, thickness, or texture. Works well with short to medium hair lengths. Plus, with an all-day hold, ‘The Aventus’ can hold any shape! Create a polished look for any style!

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