Angel En Provence Super Mixer 30ml x 5


Mix with colour at a ratio of 1:10

SUPER MIXER is a system consisting of 2 stages and makes 
it easier to reconnect sulphur bridges inside hair, broken by 
constant exposure to chemical substances such as coloring, 
bleaching, perms and/or mechanical stress. Added to chemical 
treatments, SUPER MIXER prevents damage to hair fibre even 
before it appears. It creates new bonds and strengthens existing 
ones, adding elasticity and strength to hair and ensuring its structure 
is intact. Using SUPER MIXER means bringing back hair to an ideal 
state or protecting it during any kind of technical service

DIRECTIONS: To avoid damage to the hair.. 
Mix with the color, bleach, straightening or perm products. 
The mix rate is 1:10 SUPER MIXER consists of 2 STEPS that work in synergy to protect hair and keep it healthy during technical services:
1. SUPER MIXER STEP 1 Active CREAM that creates “new bonds” whilst protecting the existing internal structure. Adds strength and elasticity to hair 
2. SUSTAINER STEP 2 Soft cream for home use that strengthens the bonds created by Step 1 by ensuring hair is strong, structured and thick.

Benefits over other brands like Olaplex, Bondplex etc

• SUPER MIXER is cream and not liquid, thus it mixes much better and in less quantities with other chemicals 
• SUPER MIXER is less costly 
• SUPER MIXER comes in small individual packages, and not large bottles, thus avoiding air contamination. 
• It is an excellent ally for hair stylists to protect hair during technical services, improving performance and results 
• It is a treatment that does not interfere with the duration of the service

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