Burn Baby Burn! Are All Thermal Sprays Created Equal?

Ever hear that sizzle when you’re straightening your hair and think, “well that can’t be good..”. You’re right, it isn’t BUT a good thermal protection and straightening spray can not only help you achieve fabulously straight and shiny hair but can minimise the damage done by the scalding hot weapon you’re attacking your hair with constantly (I can say that because I’m guilty of it). 

So we over here at hairproducts.com.au engaged some of the industries finest and picked their brains about what they think the best products are out there from a straightening, shine and protection perspective. Here’s what the oracles and our customers deduced. 


L'Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Gold 10-in-1 Spray (190ml)

This is definitely a superior thermal spray.  It has 9 more benefits other than heat protection which makes it a multipurpose product (which we LOVE in today's day and age of being so time poor). It's a little more expensive which is it's only downfall but well worth the extra dollars.




Matrix Total Results Mega Sleek Iron Smoother 250ml

The jury liked this product!. The heat protecting hair styling spray give coarse hair shine and strength, thanks to silk amino acids and silicone. 





 5/5 stars from 18 reviews plus the experts agree that this is a super thermal spray. De Lorenzo Defence Extinguish Spray is a thermal protecting spray that protects hair from heat damage and humidity. The thermal protection spray shields hair from breakage and split ends providing protection against heat up to 240 degrees. It also contains argan oil which rejuvenates, conditions and softens the hair.




 Edgy Haircare Sleekifi Spray 200 ml

The Edgy spray was a crowd favourite.  A light spray which detangles, protects and lightly conditions, it leaves a lovely light scent that both men and women can wear. Great for medium or course hair and really well priced.




Matrix Style Link Heat Buffer Thermal Spray 250ml

"I always use a thermal spray but I have a hard time finding ones that are not heavy and weigh my hair down. This one by matrix is pretty good. I usually spray it and glide a brush through it to even it out otherwise it feels like I just sprayed hairspray on my hair its a bit sticky once it dries....if I use the brush I cant tell it was ever sticky in the first place. This does not weigh my hair down at all and it gives it a nice protected seal on my style. The smell is also amazing I love it so much and I can smell it throughout the day and its a nice clean smell."




Specifically for color treated hair - L'Oreal Professionnel Vitamino Colour 10-in-1 Spray (190ml)

Use when applying heat tools to style hair so as protect your locks and colour.  Not many thermal sprays have added colour protection and nourishing qualities so we rate this product pretty highly as it has that AND other benefits.