Achieving a Perfect Bouncy Blow Dry

One hairstyle that'll never let you down is the classic bouncy blow dry or wave style.

If you're unsure how to proceed with making your hair bounce and curl, don't fret. With the right guidance, you'll master your blow drying techniques in no time.

An excellent bouncy blow dry begins with washing your hair

Okay, so that might seem obvious. However, it's the approach you take to washing your hair that allows you to perfect your bouncy blow dry.

Your hair is about to enter a hot environment that could leave it feeling brittle if you're not careful. So, you need to take a kind approach and treat it to a revitalising shampoo first. After washing your hair, either leave it to dry until it's only a little damp or give it a rough blast with your hairdryer if you're in a rush. 

Grab those clips, get sectioning, and inject that volume.

The right bouncy blow dry brims with volume. Your end goal is to lift it at the roots and make your hair surround your head with the same majesty only celebs seem to achieve.

A simple way to achieve this is to grab some hair sections clips, set your parting, and then section most of your hair away from your head. Then, grab sections that are about two inches wide, wrap them around a brush that can withstand heat, and pull the brush through as you aim the tip of the dryer closely at your hair as you move. 

After completing a dry section, clip it away from the wet ones to avoid it falling loose. Keep going until you hit every strand of hair and then release your clips.

It's time to twist and pin

While many may try to achieve the perfect bouncy blow dry through using rollers, a more straightforward way to make eye-catching curls is to twist and pin. Grab a pack of bobby pins and your clips, then divide your hair into four sections.

Depending on how thick your locks are, you may want to grab either one or two-inch sections. Twist them around your fingers from the bottom upwards, then pin to the top of your head. You may need two pins for some curls; that's okay, just make sure they're secure.

After finishing your twisting and pinning, leave your hair to rest for about half an hour. Grab a coffee, read a magazine, and forget that your hair is there. Once your half an hour is up, unpin your curls, let them fall loose, and run your fingers through them to make sure they're even. To hold them in place, finish the job with hairspray that's worthy of your efforts.

There you have it; a simple approach to achieving a bouncy blow dry that'll induce envy this festive season. You may need to refine your technique, but with a few practices, you'll have gorgeous curls in no time.